The Hunt, 12x16”, Lithograph on Rives BFK, 2019
 The Hunt (Detail)
 Willow Place, Lithograph on paper, 12x16”, 2019
 Willow Place (Detail)
 Cats on a Monday, Charcoal on Paper, 22x22”, 2019
 Cats on a Monday (detail)
 Suncat I, Monotype, 10x12”, 2019
 Suncat II, Monotype, 10.5x14”, 2019
 8.5x16", Lithograph, 2015
 13.5x18", Lithograph, 2015
 8x16", Lithograph, 2015
 13x13", Lithograph, 2015
 11x18", Etching, 2014
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